What Is H&I and Bridge the Gap?

Hospitals & Institutions Committee

This Committee takes meetings into detoxes, rehabs and sober living communities established to help people to recover from alcoholism in Florida’s South Palm Beach County. The committee designates members of the community to commit to chairing Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings in these facilities. Many of these individuals are in their predicament because of alcohol. If you would like to help “carry the message” of recovery through the twelve steps of AA by chairing a regular institution meeting, please come join us!

It is the primary purpose of South Palm Beach County Intergroup Hospitals & Institutions to carry the message of A.A. into facilities where people cannot otherwise attend outside meetings.

Our Main Objectives

  1. Carry the message of A.A. into area facilities where alcoholics cannot otherwise attend outside meetings.
  2. Provide A.A.’s with a venue to efficiently connect with service opportunities by chairing and speaking at area facilities.
  3. Provide transparency to the AA body about our activities.

Monthly Business Meeting – 3:30pm Fourth Sunday of the Month at Delray Central House

Bridge the Gap

Bridge the Gap Committee members help newcomers transition into AA.

Alcoholics Anonymous members helping the newcomer into long-term sobriety by introducing them to the recovery community, helping the newcomer stay sober while they are transitioning from treatment or institutions into AA. We know that creating a community in recovery is one leg of the Three Legacies that make for a successful recovery.