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How Can I Volunteer for the Twelfth Step Call Committee?

A.A. members are needed for the Twelfth Step Call Committee. In order to answer questions about our fellowship, we suggest that volunteers have at least one year of sobriety, a sponsor, a home group, and have worked all Twelve Steps at least once. You can volunteer to meet newcomers for face to face conversations, talk to them on the phone, or both; whatever you are comfortable with. When meeting a newcomer for a face to face meeting, the Chair will pair you up with at least one other A.A. member. Because the success of a Twelfth Step Call is based on the newcomer identifying with the the A.A. member, the Chair will attempt to pair the newcomer with A.A. members of the same gender, age, and location.

Please complete the following form if you are available for the Twelfth Step Call Committee: