August Intergroup Report

Intergroup report

  • Completed h&i dedicated website
  • You can go to the schedule tab to see our existing commitments and the meetings we are bringing into facilities and also openings in which we can use volunteers.
  • We can really use volunteers as we have some commitments with zero chairpersons and also we are trying to get to chairpersons both a male and female chair per meeting
  • Volunteers can submit an application directly through the website
  • Facilities can submit a request to have a meeting brought in also through the website
  • We have gone in the last month from 9 facilities that we are servicing to 12 facilities
  • We have gone from 27 volunteers to 60 volunteers doing H&I commitments
  • We have brought in our objective beyond just bringing meetings into facilities. We have expanded that to providing alcoholics with a venue to connect with service opportunities and also providing transparency to the body about our activities
  • We have changed commitments to be every other week instead of weekly as well as allowing for both a male and female cochair and possibly even additional chairpersons beyond that
  • We have started a live chat room using the Telegram app that can be downloaded for Apple or android to serve as a communication amongst all members doing h and I work although of course it is not compulsory
  • We have a resources page with our meeting format script
  • Also on the resources page there is a brief H&I meeting announcement that members of H and I can make at regular meetings to announce what we are doing
  • We have began a monthly H and I meeting at Delray Central House on the second Saturday of the month at 3 PM

Working on

  • Assign additional coordinators to facilities
  • Formalize and add guidelines and orientation
  • Get additional volunteers and additional facilities

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