Bridge the Gap

Bridge the Gap Committee members help newcomers transition into AA.

The Bridge the Gap program, or BTG, connects the new member being discharged from a facility to A.A. in their community. You are being asked to be that connection, what is called a Temporary Contact. When a new, soon-to-be discharged member contacts us, we match that person to a Temporary Contact in the community where they will be living. If you have volunteered for this type of service, we will call you, get the okay and then send you their contact information.

What is Your Job? : Your job is simple. You contact the new A.A. member and arrange to take them to an A.A. meeting, preferably within 24-48 hours of their discharge. During this time, you help them become acquainted, get phone numbers and perhaps locate a sponsor and a home group. You introduce them to others in A.A. so they have a broad, healthy base, then you are available to serve as a Temporary Contact for another person.

To get started with Bridge the Gap, text or call us at (561) 266-4143 and fill out this form: